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Wait, what day is it?

This week has been so busy I almost forgot to make a blog entry. Again. I'm very much hoping it'll slow down soon, cause I haven't even had time for a haircut!

My original topic for this week was going to be color palettes. I was supposed to learn about them in college, but I was never sure I understood how exactly one chooses the colors in a palette. I still don't believe my understanding is completely accurate, but a little research has (mostly) cured me of the notion that color palettes be some artist black magic.

In the broadest terms, a color palette is what happens when you combine the colors you know you want with color theory. I don't actually know anything about color theory; I've been using this free Adobe Color palette generator thing to compensate.

Now, you might be asking why I'm so interested in colors all of a sudden. Well, I've decided to see what it would take to do all of the art in Masks of Undying myself. Queue booing noises.

I've got 3 reasons for this switch:

  1. Doing the art myself is the (monetarily) cheapest option possible.

  2. GraphicsGale makes art generation stupid-easy and kinda fun (though I may need to use another program for frames of animation).

  3. I don't believe Masks of Undying is going to make me alot of money. I definitely don't believe I'll be recouping any expenses of time and/or money. I don't have the expertise to generate and maintain a community and, without a community, indie developers tend very strongly towards failure with their first projects.

The 3rd reason is actually an expectation I've had from the beginning. However, I was initially willing to drop money on the art because I'm not an artist, I've got a safety net in the form of my full time job, managing a relationship with a contractor would be good management experience, and I'd very much like to complete my game in the smallest timeframe possible. All of these reasons made alot of sense before I started messing around with GraphicsGale.

I'm not going to pretend GraphicsGale is amazing or anything, because it's very much not good at alot of what other paint/photo tools do. However, GraphicsGale is so easy to use, and can be acquired so easily (I highly recommend the portable .zip over messing with any installer), that I've found myself tinkering with it in moments of downtime.

Using GraphicsGale, I've generated black and white outlines for every one of the basic foes in Masks. This inspired me to look into colors, of which I've so far generated 150 from a base of 5 color codes:

Worn jeans = 98c4e0

Blood = 8a0303

Slime = 65ff00

Old pig skin = E3C1CD

Steel = CACCCF

By working in my spare time on weekdays (weekends remain for programming and game design tasks only), I'm aiming to complete the majority of the art that Masks will need. There may still be assets I need to pay someone to make, music for example, but I'm going to try and use paid labor as a supplement to my own efforts.

Next week, I'm planning to produce a blog entry before Friday. Oi.

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