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Setting a pace

Labor tracking is a point of great enlightenment for me. I've yet to put in more than 4 hours in a single day into the digital version of Psychic Scrap Racers. At the same time, since I began labor tracking 2 weeks ago, I've put over 14 hours into the project in total.

I don't know if these numbers are good or not for someone who is working full time. A part of me is a little upset that I haven't managed 6 hours at least once. I know much of this is due to the requirements of the medium. Digital games, due in a large part to programming, are objectively harder to create than physical board games.

However, I still strongly believe I have what it takes to realize my design. All I have to do is pace myself. I know that I can walk the line between putting in the work and resisting burnout, because I've done it before.

I've written 2 books in my life. Neither is very good, because I resisted feedback, but the process of writing taught me what perseverance looks and feels like. You don't have to write a book to discover perseverance in yourself, but there is no substitute for doggedly pursuing 1 task for years. There really isn't.

Today, this is what I have to show for my labor:

My previous image was far, far more colorful, so I'll explain what I have here:

1. Working hand mechanics.

2. The ability to draw 2 from a deck.

3. Text that is not Unity-standard blurry.

4. Enough screen real-estate to finally fit my entire game board onscreen.

I've learned alot following tutorials. That's Unity's real advantage, as far as I'm concerned. Many engines are better, in my opinion, at many of the things Unity does. For example, I think Unreal is a better 3D engine and there are many 2D engines that are completely free to use for commercial purposes. Unity's default text is so, so, so very awful. However, no other engine has the same level of documentation, user questions, and tutorials. For card games alone, I've seen too many posts asking for help that only receive "learn to program", "here's a tutorial that uses another engine or a language you won't need", or "I don't know" responses. Ugh.

Currently, I'm focusing on aligning my game board so that it still works in play mode, and on crafting a card template that I'll be able to push card text and imagery into. I'm holding off on individually crafting every card as a prefab as a last resort. Expect an update next week.

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