• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 7 - Theme Change

After considerable thought, I've decided to completely change the theme for Redline. The name of the game will also be changing. I have a name in mind, but I'm going to let it sit a week to see how it feels.

The direction for the theme is currently future dystopia. Wait! It's not like all the other dystopia, I swear! I'm planning to focus on the young of a mutated, largely destitute minority population living in a city with history that stretches back centuries. Basically, a city with alot of car scrap lying around and a group of kids desperate and ingenious enough to tinker with it.

I arrived at this theme while exploring what specifically interests me about racing. I knew I didn't want to capture forms of legal racing, and American street racing hasn't inspired me.

It was thanks in part to the following video that I found my new direction:

The video above captures my imagination by portraying a form of racing where obstacles are constantly present in the road. Traffic, composed of unwilling participants, controls and impedes the progress of the racers. When traffic is present, there seems little need for damage (push forward vs you might be targeted and killed) or an obvious blue-shell-like mechanic (something that just blindly punishes the lead player). The challenge is in figuring out how to use traffic as a control mechanism.

My first attempt at designing new mechanics has not gone over well. My first version of Redline used a Distance track, and my second used a Speed track, and I felt the most satisfying system for my new version (v15, how time flies) would be a combination of Distance and Speed. The result was too many moving parts.

I'm going to keep tinkering. I know I've nailed a solid direction to take the game, and there are still alot of things to try. One of my testers suggested dice, for example. Expect an update next week.

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