• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 5 - "Let's play again."

Fight to Redline is fun again! Even better, the playtesters I found went straight to a 2nd match without having to be asked. It's clear that the current version of Redline is more fun than any past version.

My problems moving forward are: working with playtesters to try and figure out if any of my other systems are getting in the way of fun, card balance, card text, a stupid-proof rule sheet, rebuilding 2 Driver decks to fit the current system, work on balancing Jupiter so he doesn't burn out too quick, rework Old Art so he's not too slow, and card formatting. These are alot of problems, but anything is better than stripping out and reworking my Speed mechanics again.

The biggest problems at the moment are card text and formatting. The following card illustrates this:

Blue Nitro is the biggest stumbling block of my current version.

To be honest, I have no intention of investing too heavily into the art or design of my cards. I'm planning to sell this game to publishers, and I've been assured by multiple sources (The White Box Essays, The Board Game Design Lab podcast, members of the Austin Board Game Designers and Playtesters group, along with other sources I can't recall off hand) that investing in art would be a waste of money for me.

However, over the course of playtesting, the above card (and others) proved to be a problem because the current design obscures too much information. Part of this is due to the card format, which was designed for another version of the game, and part is due to the text of the card itself. I tried to adapt the card format to the game's current version, but I'm not happy with the result.

I hope to have at least 3 of these issues (reworking of my Driver decks for Lucy 22 and Sudo and TanTan, redesigning the card formatting) done by the end of this week. I'm anticipating the card text will take longer to fix. If I can get a rulesheet done as well I'll try and get some video from my next playtest.

Oh yeah, and my game is fun again!!!


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