• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 4

I've encountered the worst problem a game could ever have. The new system I designed to track Speed in Fight to Redline isn't fun. It's keeping track of large, constantly shifting numbers in your head. I didn't notice the lack of fun so much in self-testing, but playtesting made it impossible to ignore.

I going to take something of a break. I say "something" because my brain will not stop crunching away at the problem. I'm just going to focus on other things for a week and then come back. This is the only method I can think of to rediscover the fun.

At the very least, I now know a system that tracks speed and only uses cards will need alot more work or another component. A token of some kind, like a special slide, seems like the way to go. I'll try something new next week.


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