• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 3

I'm afraid a critical issue was found in my most recent playtesting. The Speed Track, a component I added to the game to help control explosive Speed and make the tracking of everyone's status easier, makes the game completely unfun when everything is going your way. I've made some changes before to try and compensate for this. However, one of my testers suggested I simply cut the component completely from the game, and I decided to give the alternative a shot.

My cards currently aren't balanced for the new system I have in mind. However, the test I ran under the improvised system was immediately fun in a way that felt far more natural to the game. So, I've decided to make a new batch of cards that will be targeted at testing this new idea.

If all goes well, I'll re-balance all 4 of my driver decks and put out a video next week of the game in motion.


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