• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 2

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I learned 3 key things this past week:

1. Lists of publishers accepting submissions are surprisingly unreliable. A Google search turned up better results for publishers than some of the lists I found.

2. Some of the publishers who are accepting submissions won't even look at your game unless 4 or more people can play it.

3. Many publishers expect a video submission from a playtest session.

Because of point 2 and 3, the lack of response I've gotten from the places where I did submit Redline (literally 1 response), and the fact that my game incorporates 4 decks, I'm stepping back from submissions for the time being. I don't think I have an excuse for focusing only on developing a 1v1 rule set when the potential exists for 4 people to play at once. Plus, I want to see what a 4 player free for all looks like.

I've recently acquired a tripod for my cellphone. The plan, moving forward, is to check all my cards for 4-player compatibility and then film a test session. I will also be filming and posting an explanation of the game rules.

In unrelated news, I may try enabling the Wix social features. Maybe. Depends on how much I get done this weekend.


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