• Andrew Jonhardt

Redline Update 1

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Today, I created this site so I can have a vanity email address. I'm diving in over my head, and all because I'm sick of giving out my personal email address at professional events and meetups. I'm probably doing something wrong. Right now, however, I'm not worried.

Over the past 2 months I have developed a physical card game I'm calling Fight for Redline. Consider that name copyrighted as I've yet to come up with anything better. For more details, visit the Project section of this site.

The current plan is to post a blog update about once a week while I work on finding a publisher for my game.

In an unrelated note, the Wix blog interface is driving me fucking nuts by jumping the cursor back to the start of a sentence if I don't leave a pointless word just hanging at the end. I hope to find a solution for this. Feel free to point out what the issue might be if you know it.


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