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PsyScrapRace Update 10 - Shortening these ridiculously long blog titles, I mean really

Apologies for the delayed update. Between voting, the Austin water authority shitting itself, and various personal issues, I haven't had a lot of free time this week.

I've taken a little extra time in testing my existing system, and the result appears to be a successful backbone for a game. In addition, I'm finally working out the balance of card effects. The Speed, discard, and draw effects are just nowhere near as annoying as, say, a card effect that places 1 player immediately behind another.

The problem now is how to move forward. Different testers have repeatedly expressed how much they preferred the decks to be the same (my 4 test decks have remained the same throughout testing of this new game play system). However, it's obvious that there's not enough randomness to keep the game interesting if it remains in its current state.

The possible solutions I'm wrestling with are:

-Make 4 different decks, each with a hero card, and potentially add in an Event deck for variation.

-Keep the decks the same, add hero cards, add instructions for building decks, and potentially add in another component like a card body.

-Redesign for more randomness.

Of the above ideas, I'm currently leaning most toward keeping the decks the same. The biggest reason for this is my experience with TCGs (Trading Card Games), which often increase the amount a player has to learn by featuring multiple factions. I'm struggling to keep my game simple, so avoiding factions may be the best way to do so. However, there are some problems that immediately come to mind.

The 1st problem is adding rules for deck building. Deck building would occur outside of the main game, and so may be a set of rules that don't distract from the game. Of course, that means I have to add more rules and more complication on what cards are allowed and when. The biggest challenge would become ensuring that players can build a variety of viable decks after learning the game.

The 2nd problem is tied directly into the 1st: adding deck building components makes my game look like a TCG. I don't want to make a TCG. I'm an inexperienced designer trying to make something simple, and a TCG is complexity and business overhead I just don't want to deal with. Additionally, it's my understanding that publishers hate getting pitched TCGs from designers like me.

I've got more to think about. I'll tinker around and post an update next week. Go vote!

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