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PsychicScrapRace Update 11 + General Update

Firstly, I'm going to be moving my usual updates from Sunday/Monday to Tuesday/Wednesday. Most of my updates have been structured around a local board game testing group that meets on the weekends and some weekdays. The weekend meetups are ending, so I will be focusing more on the weekday meetups.

Additionally, I'm hoping to begin experimenting with testing through BoardGameGeek. I'm nervous about throwing my game out into the Internet, but more testing is always better. I'm going to give myself until the end of the holidays, or January 2019, to add some basic art and complete more testing on my own.

I'm currently in the process of gathering clip art for Psychic Scrap Racers. The biggest complaint for the game has been the complete lack of art, and I've had some of the cards in the game long enough to justify adding something. Test cards will remain without art to avoid distracting myself with mindless clip art googling.

The biggest update I have in regards to Psychic Scrap Racers is that I'm adding Event cards back. Event cards were a planned component from the beginning, and they add some of the randomness I was looking for to spice up repeated play. Thematically, I also enjoy the idea of racers encountering heavy traffic, drunk drivers, bike gangs, and more as they illegally street race around a dystopian city.

Driver Identities are out for now. The game has become about your machine, and Identity cards just don't fit when I think of all the yous there could be. I am considering adding vehicle body types, though. Motorcycle vs car vs truck. I'll have to test it.

So, short update today. I had a bit of a crisis of purpose the day after I resumed work on Scrap Racers. I've known that I'm extremely unlikely to release a commercial product before 2019, but for some reason it didn't really hit me until this past weekend. So, I set my Sunday as a free day and just played Dark Souls 3 while I processed whether I want to keep doing this.

I want to keep doing this. Until next week.

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