• Andrew Jonhardt

Psychic Scrap Racers Update 9

My update is going to be a little short this week. Testing and reworking your game within less than 48 hours, while working full time, is not something I'd recommend to anyone. The short prep time I gave myself plus stress outside the game equals burnout. Still, I did get some good testing in.

Through testing, I learned that I've temporarily lost the ability to create a useful rule sheet for new players. However, I've got a solid page of notes on everything that caused confusion, so I know I'll easily have a new rule sheet ready when I next test. Also, I learned the refinements I made after last week's testing have resulted in a game that's fun for new testers.

I'm positive I'm working with a solid base. After the last 2 versions of this game, just having a solid base is exciting. I'll have more next week.

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