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Pictures Pending Play

I'm happy to report the core deck of Psychic Scrap Racers remains fun to play. Unfortunately, the new deck, designed to interact more directly with the Distance Track, didn't work. All of the new cards intended to provide other ways for players to advance down the Track are too slow. The new Event cards didn't quite work either, but they actually did what I hoped they would.

The Event cards, designed to fit into every single space on the Distance Track, work to add randomization to the game. Additionally, my initial testing (myself + family) has found that any card that impacts a player's ability to advance has a huge effect. As in, encountering the wrong Event card at the wrong time might actually lose you the game.

I'm not convinced that Event cards with power is a bad thing. There are games where a level of unfairness due to randomization can actually work, as in Monopoly. I should be able to think of a better example at the moment, but I can't. Point is, many board games, (including some that are considered pinnacles of the format, like D&D) have a gambling-level of randomization that implies a level of unfairness.

I'm going to explore levels of power in Event cards. I don't want things to be so random that planning is almost made pointless, but I definitely want the Event cards to add something players can find value in. Some of my current Event cards are little more than fluff on the existing gameplay structure.

I'm going to do more testing this weekend, and from that testing I want to capture pictures and/or video. Psychic Scrap Racers is firming into shape, and I want to start hunting a publisher again before I let things harden too far. I'm still operating off of the advice I received from sources I no longer remember:

"Publishers want to be involved in locking down a design, particularly the theme (figuring out what will sell), and should be brought in once a system is in place."

Speaking of theme, I don't like the name Psychic Scrap Racers. Scrap is not involved in the gameplay, and the name just doesn't roll off my tongue how I'd like. I'm going to start trying to think of a new name that fits what I've got. I don't have anything that sounds good yet though.

On the Godot front, I'm meeting some frustration. It appears you should just be able to attach a camera to a game object in order to have the player's view move when the player's onscreen avatar moves. Instead, whether because of something in the tutorial I'm following or not, I've been having trouble getting the Godot camera node to respond at all. No error, no clue, the camera simply doesn't move.

If I can't figure out the camera in Godot by the time I finish the tutorial series I'm following, I'm going back to Unity. I can't make what I want to make without a scrolling camera!

I've been putting more thought into what I want my next game project to be, and I've decided to re-attempt a project I first attempted in Unity. It's a beat-em up with 1 attack button. Multiplayer ambitions will be put off for the time being.

Until next week.

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