• Andrew Jonhardt


I spent my free time this weekend setting up an Outline in Unity. Player deck goes here. CPU deck goes here. Distance Track goes in the middle.

The above image is fairly similar to how I pictured the final board game looking. Except for all the temporary assets, of course.

I initially assumed a card game would occur in the 3D/2D space afforded by Unity, and I built my layout accordingly. However, I ran into an issue of readability and organizing the cards into an array.

By readability, I mean that cards in the above view would be too small to be readable. By Array, I mean that I wanted to avoid Lists this time as Arrays appear to have more controls in Unity.

It appears I may have been thinking about the problem all wrong. I went looking for instructional videos, and came across several that were about building card games exclusively in the Unity UI layer. This is the best series I've found so far:

I didn't have time to try anything from my research this weekend. Additionally, this series by quil18 ends before going over how to construct Deck mechanics, so I'll have to figure that out separately.

Things have gotten slow. And, I'm writing for myself on a site that I don't really advertise to anyone. However, for the sake of my creative discipline, I will continue to post weekly.

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