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Not sure if I can finish in time.

I've got the CPU playing cards. It isn't "thinking" or making choices yet, but it's enough to test Player 1 card effects. If I play long enough, the CPU errors out by playing every card left in its deck. It's becoming less funny the more I see it, but I haven't had time to actually start on that problem yet.

Not sure if Reconsider is breaking the game, or if something else is happening.

I've started on 11 out of my 23 cards, and 7 are "working" for Player 1. Basically, there's 7 cards I can play where stuff happens like it's supposed to.

There's a strong chance I won't finish something playable for SXSW, but who cares. I'm learning things like this:

public Drag.Dash cardTypeAcc = Drag.Dash.ACCELERATE;

if(cardType.playArea == Drag.Dash.ACCELERATE) { temp.SetParent(p2Accel, false); }

I can't explain what an enum is. However, I made one as part of following a script by quill18 (YouTube) that made this whole project possible, and I can confirm that the above nonsense successfully references an enum.

Dash is the enum, inside of a script called Drag, and one of the enums is ACCELERATE (used and referenced by Acceleration-type cards). The if statement is part of a for statement that grabs the Drag component from a card and assigns it to cardType. Oh, and every single card has it's own Drag script. The if statement appears to be confirming whether the variable that holds the enum's current value, playarea, matches the enum type of ACCELERATE.

This is only a taste of the mess my scripts have become, and my lack of understanding. I think it's awesome and, rather than dissuade me from wanting to continue working in Unity (which happened when I was forced to the only programmer in a group project during school), I've found myself putting more thought into my next project.

As mentioned, my next project is going to be an online-only fighting game. In that regard, this video has been very informative:

I'm aiming for simple here, from game mechanics to everything else, and in this regard I've also been inspired by Windjammers: My (1st) fighting game will be about 1 combat style. And, it's going to be the simplest fighting style I can think of: Boxing.

I've got the mechanics I want for my next game almost completely planned out. The setting is in flux, but that's fine. Until next week.

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