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Mad Dash

I don't have alot of time for a blog entry this week, unfortunately. I built a new prototype of FTR over the weekend, tested it Monday, received email confirmation that my submission to a stream had been accepted, and I've basically been in a panic ever since.

There is a group on Facebook, perhaps close enough to call a sister group to the Austin Boardgame Designers group (ABD), simply called Dallas Designer Group (DDG). I don't know much about this group, but I do know some of the Dallas members have come down to Austin and attended the Austin meetups. And, last week, a member of the DDG posted on the ABD page that his group is accepting submissions for testing over livestream.

The feedback I got from testing Monday was great, but there were a few glaring issues I'd prefer to avoid getting duplicate feedback on:

  • My game is now so fast that adding in an extra layer through Redline cards doesn't make alot of sense.

  • The only thing every single player complained about was the Maneuver cards.

As mentioned above, my game has gotten alot faster. This has resulted in Maneuver cards becoming more clunky and confusing for players than ever. Several players complained that Maneuver cards were too slow for the current pace of the game. Overall, it's clear I have to do something about them.

I've decided to buff Maneuver cards and simplify how they're played. I'm using the only Redline card I ever attempted to test as a baseline (+1 Action each turn) to ensure I make cards that feel like interesting or worthwhile choices. I've also buffed the effects of the cards that reduce player speed, while buffing an Event card that increases player speed if they would lose any.

I'm not explaining myself very well, but this is literally all the time I have this week. I'll have more time for detail next week, after I've shipped my prototype to Dallas.

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