• Andrew Jonhardt

Just when I thought I had it figured out

My recent game testing sessions have been fantastic. The cards still work, and the new Event cards on the track have been a great way to add randomness. Even better, Events that increase Speed or move a player 1 more space when landed on (large game-changing effects) have been entertaining and engaging rather than annoying and game breaking. I've even come up with a new name for the project: Marvelous Racing Elite

Marvelous Racing Elite is not a great name, as it doesn't suggest much of a theme to me, but I like it more than Psychic Scrap Racers. There's no scrap in my game. Every other name idea I've had (Mid Night Club {Japanese racing club}, Psycho Bōsōzoku {Bōsōzoku is Japanese slang that tends to refer to a particular form of biker}, Redline Club) is either too close to an existing franchise or doesn't quite fit. So, Marvelous Racing it is.

The name isn't the only new thing I've come up with for Marvelous Racing. I'm currently testing drawing 1 as the default draw method instead of drawing 2. By chance, during my last testing session this weekend, I had everyone (including myself) drawing 1 as I'd been unable to bring a copy of the rules as planned. I'd completely forgotten about the draw 2 mechanic, and I didn't even realize it until I got home!

Upon reflection, I've realized that drawing 1 was actually very engaging. Being limited to an inefficient card drawing method as a player's default option has the effect of reducing rapid deck shrinkage, making cards that help draw more interesting, and making individual card effects more important. In my last testing session, I was finding uses for cards I'd previously ignored purely because drawing 2 tended to ensure I always had a "better" card in hand.

I'm planning to do more testing of 1 card draw. There was also a lot of using Maneuver cards as if the effects were instant, and I'm going to try testing that more. However, using Maneuver cards as if the effects could be activated as soon as they're played resulted in Maneuver cards staying in hand and almost never entering the field for longer than 1 turn. One of my testers actually complained about the lack of continuous effects and the lack of any need to actually keep Maneuvers on the field.

On the Godot front, the camera issue I encountered last week has been resolved. It turns out, if you put a camera node on anything but the root of the node you want the camera to follow, the camera won't work in Godot 3.1 no matter what you do. This is really weird, as nodes under the root player node should still be providing updated transform position information, but moving the camera to the node root was the only solution I could find. Outside of attempting to program the camera from scratch, of course.

Back to testing and learning. Until next week!

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