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In May, it'll be 6 months since I began digitizing Psychic Scrap Racers. That means it'll be over 1 year since I started the project. And, at this juncture, I'm positive I will not be done in the next 2 months.

My progress realizations this past weekend proved deeply immoralizing. Logically, I expected the digitization process to take 1 year. Emotionally, I was clearly unprepared. So, I paused to evaluate my next steps.

The first solution that occurred to me was to try and making something small. Take a break to throw a small project out. However, at my current skill level, it would take me a few days simply to throw something out.

From the long term prospective, and after talking with several people, I decided it would be better to just strap in an stay the course. I ended up doing just that, only inbetween lengthy bouts of playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

It was nice to sit back and play a new game I've been looking forward to. However, the bigger issue here is that I think I'm getting bored after working on Psychic Scrap Racers for so long.

This next weekend, I'm going to mix it up a little. Instead of working on Psychic Scrap Racers or attempting a smaller free-form project, I'm going to look up and follow through 1 or 2 Unity online tutorials. My next project is intended to be online, and I've never done anything online focused before. It's my hope that, outside of self education, the tutorials will give me space to work on code unrelated to cards or AI that plays cards.

In order to ensure I actually finish Psychic Scrap Racers, I will be returning to work on it after this weekend. I'll post the tutorials I find and relay anything interesting I encounter next week.

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