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I've become obsessed with finishing these tutorials

I didn't do any work on Marvelous Racing Elite this past weekend. Instead, I spent hours assembling this:

I've gotten far enough in the Godot tutorial I'm following to be working directly in 2D (the series began with a detailed overview of how to make a Mad Libs-style text game, shown below).

Whether it's because of the move from text to 2D side-scroller, my growing comfort with the Godot interface, or something else, I've suddenly found myself with multiple new 2D ideas I'm burning to prototype. 1 or 2 of the ideas may actually be fairly easy, so I've got a choice coming up whenever the tutorials are finished.

The biggest stumbling block for me in completing the tutorials quickly has been the version of Godot used in the tutorials. Godot is currently on version 3.1, and 3.1 is new enough that alot of tutorials and content are built from 3.0. Still, I feel like I'm learning more by stumbling over the minor script and interface differences between the versions.

It bears mentioning that the instructor is working to update all his content to 3.1. I'm just too impatient to wait.

I'm expecting to do more work on Marvelous Racing Elite this upcoming weekend, at the very least because I've got a meetup to go to where I could get some testing done. There's no worse feeling than going to a testing place without a project because you slacked.

I'm hoping to do a bit comparing various game engines (from my amateur perspective), and possibly something about programming in Godot, but for now I'm out of time. Until next week.

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