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I joined a jam instead

Edit: I failed to post this yesterday as originally intended, so the timeframes are all a little off.

So, in my last post, I mentioned wanting to complete the Ghost game in Godot. Well, something came up.

I noticed this "Fighting game jam" while messing around with the new Itch game launcher. I was curious if the launcher simply allowed for making and tracking game purchases, or if it would also let you track and join jams.

The Itch game launcher lets you track and join game jams. I'm still a little psyched about it.

The Itch launcher is basically just a browser window. I still like it though.

As you can see, I joined that Fighting game jam instead of working on the Ghost game. I did this because I'm more confident in my current Godot skills then I've ever been in my Unity skills. I did this because of the strict time limit (3 days left, gak!). I did this because I won't need to program for online play. And, most of all, I did this because I've always wanted to make some kind of fighting game.

My starting point was simple, and is based on an idea I've had for a while: Knights fighting each other in full armor with swords. The gameplay hook would be players maneuvering themselves and their swords to strike at weak points while deflecting their opponents blows with armor-shod limbs.

I realized, extremely quickly, that I don't currently have the time or the skills to make fighting in armor fun. However, I was able to modify the idea. I now have a red dude and a blue dude with sticks:

I need to get the timer, a reset condition, and round tracking done before next Saturday. I'm also really hoping to have time to add more attack animations (the basic *thwack* above isn't doing much for me).

Wish me luck!

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