• Andrew Jonhardt

I have to postpone my test 1 more week

A minor disaster in my scheduling occurred this past weekend. CBT Nuggets, my main certification studying resource, locked me out of the account I'd been using. My employer, an international company with its purse-strings tied up on the other side of the planet, failed to pay for my CBT Nuggets account on time. And, all this right after I'd finally paid for and set a date for my certification test: this weekend.

In an effort to continue my studying, I eventually settled on a series of YouTube videos that were competent but clearly shallow. I made do and, on Monday, I followed up with my employer and confirmed there's no way I'd regain access to CBT Nuggets this week. Maybe even for the rest of the month. So, I've now paid out of my own wallet to regain access to CBT Nuggets, specifically the practice tests offered by Kaplan, and taken a new practice test.

My studying this past weekend has increased my score on the practice test by only 6%, and the original score was dismal. So, I've decided to postpone my test for a week to allow myself more time.

I'm finding this situation extremely frustrating, and I'm very disappointed in myself. I've just added an entire week onto the development time that will be required to complete Project Splatter, and my portfolio is feeling real fucking barren. I keep getting design or technical inspirations, whether they be ways to save money, solve coding issues, or the ButtonShy September design challenge, and I can't do much of anything with any of it. Avenues of acquiring access to games cheaply, whether they be the Xbox Gamepass or the SNES emulator Nintendo just launched for the Switch, aren't helping.

My goal for this post is to explain where I'm at. I'm not looking to complain or make excuses. I'm acutely aware that any strangers who stumble across this blog aren't going to care until I've actually completed a few commercial products.

I may go over my design for the ButtonShy September challenge next week, because it would be another short post and the design has tested well so far. We'll have to wait and see. Back to studying.

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