• Andrew Jonhardt

I didn't pass my test, so I'm taking a study break

I failed my certification test. I went in hoping for a pass with all my heart. I needed a 700 or higher to pass. I got a 500.

The post-test depression was shattering. So, rather than continue to study for a certification I care nothing for, I fell back on my Button Shy September challenge game entry, Elemental Slight. I created a basic card design, wrote up the rules (1 page), and threw together a video. I had to delete my first few videos due to stuttering, and eventually ended up here:

I still feel like the mechanics of Elemental Slight could use some refinement, but I'm not overly invested in the project at the moment. Instead, I'm going to dedicate the next 2 months to Project Splatter. Oh, and Project Splatter is getting a new name: Undying Masks. I couldn't think of a name that easily communicates the gameplay, so Undying Masks is simply a reference to a planned visual theme of almost all (or, maybe all) of the characters wearing masks.

I'll actually get to talk about making a game next week. Yay!

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