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Going to South PAX

I've decided I will be going to South PAX this year despite having nothing to show. I don't get to many cons each year, so going will be part treat and part attempt to connect with other game creators. It'll be more a treat than anything else, though. I will share a few pictures, if possible.

This past weekend I finally solved my card overlay issue. At least, I solved the issue for Acceleration cards. I haven't attempted a solution for Maneuver cards yet.

This weekend was a little rougher than most, and I didn't have alot of free time. Despite this, I'm really proud of where I'm at. Fixing the card overlay is forcing me to simultaneously complete the process of working out how my cards will be integrated into the game. As of now, all cards will be hard-coded instead of, say, pulling card details from an Excel document.

Outside of something drastic or fiendishly complicated popping up, I expect to be finished with basic card coding and testing of the card overlay next weekend. I will most likely move on to programming the phases of the game, then reading the current Acceleration from cards, then beginning work into the movement of pieces on the Distance Track. If all goes well, I should hopefully get to programming player turns by the end of the month.

I plan to have video or a gif of the current game state next weekend. For now, I can only leave promises and excuses before toddling off to bed. Until next time.

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