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Finally, I can show my progress in a gif!

After working weekends for a month and thensome, I finally feel like I've got something I can show off a little bit.

As you may guess from the gif, the game is nowhere near complete. The list of To-Do is still so long I'm not even sure if I've reached a half-way point. There remains everything needed for AI, deck building and the screen that will be required for that, tool tips, modes (story, training, whatever), options, and a frontend/start screen.

However, I'm someone who believes in celebrating accomplishments, and the ability to see the full details of a card that you mouse over is the biggest thing I've accomplished yet. The coding portion was difficult, yet I managed it without borrowing any code. Additionally, in the process of completing the full-details card, I completed hard coding all cards into the game and the creation of the smaller card gameobjects (seen in the hand and play areas).

The multiple smaller cards may eventually be a problem. The big card is 1 game object, and mousing over the smaller cards pulls information that changes what the big card will show. It appears that, for card games, most programmers advise doing something similar for the small cards. Essentially, they claim it would be more efficient to create 1 small card that is modified by external scripts and duplicated.

If you think you can manage such an approach, I encourage you to do so. I, however, went with what I believe to be the easier option as my goal is to create a prototype. The end result, i.e. a deck of cards that may be randomized and pulled into player's hands, appears the same. If the game attracts fans when it's released for free, I'll look into hiring a few professionals.

The code for drawing cards and compressing the cards in hand (not shown above) still works, thankfully. Additionally, I've set up a basic Actions tracker with a separation between players (shown) and the generation of starting hands (shown for player 1 but not shown for player 2). I'll be focusing on ironing out player turns, and the phases of turns, next before tackling card effects and AI.

I'm happy to report I was struck by a painfully obvious realization while I was working on all this. I'm not using all of the game design space I could be. Specifically, I've made no cards that actually interact with player position on the Distance Track. Somehow, the idea of exploiting the odd and even numbers on the Track, or something similar, just never occurred to me. I hope to make new cards from this realization.

I'm extremely pleased with where Psychic Scrap Racers is at. Unfortunately, my work output is going to slow down for the next 2 weeks. 1st, there's PAX, and 2nd, there's taxes. I always like to get my taxes out of the way as early as possible, and if I can get all my documents in order by golly I'll get it done this month!

Expect an update next week.

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