• Andrew Jonhardt

Back to the cards

This weekend, I created 2 new decks for Psychic Scrap Racers. The 1st is a driver deck with a new mechanic designed to better take advantage of the presence of an actual game board. The 2nd is a deck of cards designed to be slotted into the game board over each numbered space. The 1st deck is intended to finally test some ideas I've been sitting on for 6 months, and the 2nd deck is intended to introduce more randomness.

The process of creating both decks on a spread sheet took me around 7 hours. Printing, cutting, and sleeving for testing will take me a few hours more. Self testing and testing with other game designers will add up to days of time spent. Expanding testing will also expand the timeframe to weeks, and then months. Still, I've learned this is nothing compared to the cost in time of trying to make a digital version.

The end goal is still to find a publisher. However, as a 1st project and a board game, I'm back to being remarkably unchained by PsyScrapRace. If I can't find a publisher there are other distribution methods, and working on board games is infinitely easier than working on videogames. In fact, it's so easy and rewarding I'm working to learn Godot on the side.

To be clear, PsyScrapRace will retain priority until it's published. However, if this past weekend is any indication, I should easily have time for both board game and videogame projects like "Discovering Godot: Make Video Games in Python-like GDScript" on Udemy.

If you have any interest in Udemy courses, don't buy "Discovering Godot" at full price. The responsiveness of the instructor to questions or issues is terrible, he doesn't share the full code if you need to check for issues, his personality is annoying, and he's sloppier than free instructors I've followed on YouTube.

I don't really have a point this week, unfortunately. My head is in a weird place. I'm in what would be a perfect job, in a perfect location, for the me of 5 years ago. Now, even as good as it is, it's somehow painful. I can't really describe it. I can only say that I'm happy to know, for a fact, my future cannot be helpdesk or senior admin.

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