• Andrew Jonhardt

A time to be stubborn

Sometimes, the space between weekends feels like too much. I'm stuck staring at the wall of code I've constructed for this project, and I hate it. I wish I could be starting something new instead.

I assume other people encounter these moments. The reasons behind such moments (too much space between project work, stressful week, etc) don't really matter. The point is this is a time to be stubborn.

I'm going to finish this prototype because I'm going to sit at my computer for at least 6 hours every weekend until it's done. I'm not going to browse the web. I'm not going to play games. I will get water and food, and use the bathroom, but I won't leave the house until my quota for time spent on the game is done.

Code will get written, out of boredom if nothing else, and thus work will get done. Is this efficient? Fuck no, because efficiency comes from practice. From years upon years of dedicating as much time as you can to a task.

I'm probably not going to meet my self-imposed goal of completing a playable version of my game in time for SXSW. Given the state of the game, I'm going to resume working on weekdays in addition to working this weekend and the next. I'm hopeful, and simultaneously worried the project may suffer under my stress.

I will be taking the weekend of SXSW, and the weekend after, off from the project to avoid burnout. After SXSW, I will again not be working on week nights.

Fuck it.

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