I have participated in game jams in the past, and plan to continue doing so in the future. I will post my output to this page, with appropriate play links. The games below are barely tested, so crashes may occur.

Jump the Abyss:

My role on this game was that of programmer. This was my first group project, and I was not prepared to wrestle with Unity on my own. I'm not happy with the result, but we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Playable on Itch.io:


Red Bop Blue:

The only entry for the 2019 fighting game jam. Red Bop Blue is my first attempt at a fighting game. My primary goal was to test the limits of Godot's built in animation system, and I was not impressed. However, I still had alot of fun. This project is the reason I decided to abandon Unity completely, as working in Godot is just too easy.

Itch.io link:


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